The Director, Husband, Dad, centre for Rugeley Rapters Basketball Team, lover of all things motocross and Leader to 3rd Warwick Scouts. Former mechanic Sonnie worked as a site foreman for family company Mee Refurb for 14 years before taking over the reins when his Dad retired in 2012. Sonnie has turned his hand to pretty much everything over the years and is now enjoying his role as director.

Sonnie works closely with his clients and colleagues, he likes nothing more than getting ‘hands on’ with his projects – it’s all about the finish!


The Contracts Manager, Husband, Dad, walker of 2 dogs and owner of a cat that doesn’t like him. He enjoys kayaking, mountain biking and caravanning – Lee is the resident office biscuit tester.

He worked as a Bar Manager before joining childhood mate Sonnie as a Site Foreman in 2002. He’s worked his way through the ranks, and like Sonnie, there’s not much he hasn’t seen in the commercial refurbishment industry.

Lee has formed a close working relationship with our largest client and is the ‘go to’ man for getting the finer details sorted.


The Business Development Manager, husband, dad, loves to travel, a long-suffering Aston Villa fan and rival office biscuit tester.

Office refurbishment guru Noel started out in the business at the dawn of time and has racked up over 30 years in the office refurbishment business. What he doesn’t know about office interiors is nobody’s business.

Noel the office gent and creative genius, likes to create positive long term working relationships with his clients and deliver on what he promises.


The Office Manager, Wife, Mother, maid and skivvy to a brood of children, 2 dogs, 1 cat and the keeper of the office biscuit tin! New to caravanning, Sara is a Parent Governor at a local school and known as Eagle Owl to 24 Penkridge Brownies. She’d like to do more, see more, travel more and drink more…..but is a Mother, maid and skivvy to kids!

Sara spent 22 years of her life working for a big bank before spreading her wings and landing at Mee Refurb in 2016. She keeps the lads in line and has learnt the art of making a ‘builder’s tea’!

Good at getting the basic’s right, Sara is positive, creative and proactive – she’s the one that pulls the team together and gets the office organised.


The Site Manager, Husband, Dad, motorbike enthusiast, cider drinking, USA loving, fancy dress champion.

Having worked in the trade for 26 years Rich is the whippet of the ceiling fixing world. He’s worked alongside the Mee family business for a massive 25 years, needless to say…..he knows his stuff!

Rich is a true asset, his skill, knowledge and experience means that he is the man that gets it done – every time, on time.


The Accounts Manager, Wife, Mom, power walker and keep fitter and would be skier. Jayne has almost perfected the art of the weekend away!

In control of the purse strings, she worked for a big bank before she joined the team in 2015. The treasury queen, Jayne is constantly demanding the lads get their wallets out.

It takes a rare individual to do financial accounting. She’s trustworthy, she’s organised, she’s detailed oriented - Jayne is the one that makes sure the numbers add up.


The Office Designer, Wife, Mom, a footy mom and ‘foster mom’ to working Fire Investigation Dogs. A lover of a family day out and long country walks, Sarah loves nothing more than to kick off her walking boots and enjoy a piping hot cup of tea….and a cocktail or two!

Sarah has worked in the commercial office design industry since University as a designer and site manager. Her experience as a site manager has given her a fantastic understanding in how to turn design concepts into a practical, working and inspiring office spaces.

Born to shop, and a lover of all things creative, from desking, to lighting, colour palettes and new design trends – Sarah is the one that conceptualises your vision.

The Lads

What would we do without our lads on site? Our lads are a spritely bunch and between them we have years of training, qualifications and experience as commercial interior installers, kitchen fitters, ceiling fixers, partitioners, painters, mezzanine floor installers, plumbing…………you name it, one of them has done it!

All the guys pride themselves on their workmanship and attention to detail, we feel privileged to have such a great team.