What is Lease Finance?

There are different options available when it comes to financing your office refurbishment. Lease Finance is an alternative to outright cash payment or bank borrowing and allows payments to be spread over a period of time which means you can get the work done now and are not restricted by your capital budget.

Why use Lease Finance?

Lease purchase offers your business potential cash flow advantages over outright purchase because you may be able to make payments from income generated by the equipment. Leasing is a simple, tax efficient way of financing your project upfront and is an alternative to paying upfront or using bank facilities to pay for your brand-new refurbished work place.

Benefits of Lease Finance

  • Helps cash flow – no big outlay payment means that you have more money in the bank to invest elsewhere.
  • Offer a significant tax savings, as the repayments are 100% tax allowed against taxable profit.
  • Easier and more accurate budgeting and forecasting as payments are fixed.
  • It is quick to organise and can usually be done within a few days.

The financial landscape is changing and businesses are increasingly looking for more financially viable options.

How it Works

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